How to Feed

Feeding Raw Made Easy!

Transitioning into Raw

There's a Fast method, and a slower method. We recommend the Fast method- Fast(don't feed) for a half day- to one Full day, and jump right into the new life style. Provide plenty of water and don't spoil with treats. We have seen as fast as 2 day transitions. 

The slow method is to add a tablespoon of raw into their brown pellets, and take a tablespoon of pellets outs. After 2 days add in 2 tablespoons of raw and remove 2 tablespoons of pellets. Continue this until your dog is eating fully raw meals. 

Storing and Defrosting

Keep food frozen while storing. Once it's feeding time, keep the product in the refrigerator until it is defrosted to your liking, or should we say your dogs liking. Or if you're in a pinch fill a bowl with Cold water and let it sit until desired consistency.  Some dogs may enjoy their food at room temp, while others like to chew on it partially frozen. 

​How much to feed

   The key to a well balanced diet is variety. Once you have a fully transitioned dog, keep different meals in rotation. The more variety the better!

    Determining how much food to feed goes by body weight and activity levels. For dogs that like to hang out around the house and don't get much activity, 1.5%-2.5% of their body weight is recommended. For dogs with an active lifestyle, who get walked frequently or spend time at the dog park, 2.5%-3% of their body weight is recommended. For working and super active dogs, 4-8% is recommended. You have to be the judge depending on how your dog looks and feels.  For bitches pregnant or nursing, feed 4-8%. For puppies who have been weaned from their mother, feed 4-10% body weight depending on their age. 

Calculating How Much Food To Feed

Example: Goku is 55lbs of pure muscle who loves running in our backyard and gets walked about a mile daily. He gets fed 3% body weight daily. To find the pounds to feed, 3% turns into .03.  56lbs X .03=1.65lbs of food daily. We feed 1.5lbs to keep it easy and him slim. 

           *Puppy Percentages*

8 Weeks Old- 10% 

12 Weeks Old- 9% 

4 Months Old- 7% 

6 Months Old- 6%

8 Months Old- 5%

10 Months Old- 4%

1 Years Old- 3%

1+ Years Old will vary depending on activity level. 

Activity Levels

Super Athlete-6%

Average Athlete-5%

Weekend Athlete-4%

Backyard Runner-3% (Goku is a      backyard runner)

Daily Long Walks-2.5%

Couch Potato-1.5%.

Click the pic to start their new lifestyle!

Click the pic to start their new lifestyle!