Can I Mix Kibble and Raw?

Raw pet food next to kibble.

Being a very transparent raw food company, we will say YES. You can mix Fresh Raw pet Food with kibble. But do we recommend it? No.  And here's why. Back when Sadie first started Raw, the human still gave Sadie some kibble. When it was potty time, she pooped out some bone. Once ALL the kibble was removed from her diet, the bone was fully digested. This, in our opinion, tells us that kibble and Raw digest differently. 

However, we have many customers who use our recipes as toppers, mix them in the same bowl as 50/50 mix, feed half raw in the morning and half kibble at night(or Vice Versa), and our Preferred way of feeding- 100% Raw!

Feeding 100% raw is the way to go. You will see the full potential of Raw feeding when there is no carbs and unnecessary ingredients in your dogs diet. No yeast smell, better breath, small firm poops, better muscle tone, softer shiny coat, in some cases less shedding, and much more.

When feeding Raw and kibble at separate meals,  you can expect some of those good benefits over time. It may take a little longer to really notice them, but they are on a better path than only kibble!

If using as a topper there may not be any real improvements. But at least they are getting a little bit of real nutrients! If you're using our foods as a topper, please contact us and let us know if you noticed any improvements! We are always looking to learn as time goes on. 

If you have any other questions, concerns or feed back, please feel free to message us!