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How we got started!

It all began in July of 2015, when I first brought Sadie home. She was only 8 weeks old and I knew she was my pal for life! After researching mini bull terriers and becoming aware of their possible food allergies, I was immediately concerned about providing quality food for Sadie. We went to the local pet shop and bought some high dollar food. I noticed after sometime of feeding her the food, she lost a lot of fur and had bad skin reactions. During the first year we tried a few different "high quality" brands and none of them helped with her conditions.

     We immediately began researching healthier alternatives. The raw food diet was one of the options, so we consulted our amazing veterinarian about feeding her this new diet. After a quick discussion with the vet we immediately went to the grocery store to begin her new, healthy lifestyle.

    Fast forward 2 years, 2 more dogs, and a lovely girlfriend, we were all sitting down watching a documentary on the dog food industry. All 5 of us were horrified to learn about the 3D and 4D meats, chemicals, and fillers that a lot of the brands use. That night we knew something had to be done. Not only our fur babies needed quality food, the whole dog community needed it too and so Sadie's Select was started!

Meet Sadie! The CEO and official taste tester for Sadie's Select!

Meet Sadie! The CEO and official taste tester for Sadie's Select!


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How To Feed

There is a number of ways to feed our premium raw product. Whether its frozen, defrosted, or semi frozen. Just NEVER cooked!

   We recommend keeping the product in the refrigerator until it is defrosted to your liking, or should we say your dogs liking. Some dogs may enjoy their food at room temp, while others like to chew on it partially frozen. 

    The key to a well balanced diet is variety. Once you have a fully transitioned dog, keep different meals in rotation.

     Determining how much food to feed goes by body weight and activity levels. For dogs that like to hang out around the house and don't get much activity, 1.5%-2.5% of their body weight is recommended. For dogs with an active lifestyle, who get walked frequently or spend time at the dog park, 2.5%-3% of their body weight is recommended. For working and super active dogs, 4-8% is recommended. You have to be the judge depending on how your dog looks and feels.  For bitches pregnant or nursing, feed 4-8%. For puppies who have been weaned from their mother, feed 4-10% body weight depending on their age. 

Calculating How Much Food To Feed

Example: Goku is 56lbs of pure muscle who loves running in our backyard and gets walked about a mile daily. He gets fed 3% body weight daily. To find the pounds to feed, 3% turns into .03.  56lbs X .03=1.68lbs of food daily. 

            *Puppy Percentages*

8 Weeks Old- 10% 

12 Weeks Old- 9% 

4 Months Old- 7% 

6 Months Old- 6%

8 Months Old- 5%

10 Months Old- 4%

1 Years Old- 3%

1+ Years Old will vary depending on activity level. 

Activity Levels

Super Athlete-6%

Average Athlete-5%

Weekend Athlete-4%

Backyard Runner-3% (Goku is a      backyard runner)

Daily Long Walks-2.5%

Couch Potato-1.5%


Below is a  tool designed for convenience, but please always double check the Daily feeding recommendation.

We hope this helps!

First Timers

Welcome to the Start of a Lean, Happy, Playing Machine!

If this is your first time feeding raw dog food, there's a way to introduce it. With some time, patience, and confidence your dog will love every meal.

We recommend fasting them for at least 12 hours (no treats) and providing plenty of water throughout the day.  We know this will be a tough day, but look past those puppy eyes and feed the following morning or night.  Stick to ONE protein until their stool (poop) is firm. Slowly introduce the next protein once the stool is firm. Once both proteins from our menu have been successfully introduced, they are ready for Max's Meat Mash Up. The key to a successful and balanced raw diet, is offering a variety of foods to eat. Once your dog is fully transitioned, we recommend feeding different meals throughout the month. Each meal provides different benefits and different taste. Variety is key for a healthy and balanced raw diet. If you have a picky eater, this is one of the best dog foods to get them eating!

PLEASE NOTE; when changing your dogs diet to any new food including Sadie's Select, your pet has to acclimate to their new healthy lifestyle. Once fully acclimated to their new delicious food, you and your precious pup will love the difference. Always remember to practice proper food safety, wash your pets bowl thoroughly after every feeding. If any food falls on the floor and it isn't licked up, clean the area with disinfecting product

Benefits of Sadie's Select


When buying food from us, we promise the BEST quality foods available. We get the freshest meats, vegetables, and fruits; grind them down, package, and freeze them. We NEVER use preground meats for our products. And NEVER will. The vegetables are steamed prior to going through the grinder and the fruits are washed. 

The Power of Raw

Unlike the overly processed dry food we buy in stores, Sadie's Select provides a healthier alternative. Raw diets for animals is NATURAL, and HEALTHIER. It provides far more natural nutrients for your beloved pet. You can expect a much healthier pet with a softer coat, smaller and firmer stools(poop), more energy, a defined physique, and an overall better quality of life. 


Our meals are made with just the right mix of muscle, organ, bone, veggies, and fruits. We know that without the perfect mix of natural ingredients we would have to supplement with artificial vitamins and minerals. We don't use any artificial ingredients and take great pride in providing your dog with complete and balanced meals. Once your dog is fully transitioned, always rotate the meals from our menu to provide a well balanced diet.

Reading and Comparing Labels

By law, the ingredients must be listed in descending order by weight. That means whichever ingredient is used most, will be towards the top of the list. So  next time your walking down the isle of your local pet store, check out the ingredients on a bag of dry food, vs the label on our product. You will notice a significant difference. On the dry food you will also find some big words that you can't even read! What you see on our label, is what your dog gets. Although they might not be able to read, we know once acclimated to our food, they will absolutely love it.

Is Raw Safe to Feed my Dog?

From our experience,and plenty other raw feeders, ABSOLUTELY! We have dogs ranging from 5lbs all the way up to 80lbs so far. Puppies to adults. We designed the meals to be as balanced as possible for all dog sizes. We also have to remember dogs have a completely different digestive system than us humans. 

Practice Proper Food Etiquette

Please always remember to clean your pets bowls after EVERY feeding. If any food fell on the floor or counter, clean with a disinfecting product. The only difference with our product and the raw chicken or beef you bring home from the store is, you cook the meat to eat. Sadie's Select is given raw. 

Disposing of Shipping Insulation

Proudly using GREEN CELL FOAM INSULATION to ship our orders! 

Recycle the green plastic, and toss the Green Cell Foam in your compost bin, run it under warm water, or Burn it! Place it in a bucket over night, and pour it over your plants, it's great plant food. For more information on Green Cell Foam please visit their site.

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