How do i feed Sadie's Select?

EASY! Defrost and feed. Some dogs like it room temp, some like it partial frozen, some like meatsicles.  How to Feed


Does this meet AAFCO requirements?

YES! Our Complete and Balanced grinds are formulated to NRC standards, but meet the Minimum/Maximum for AAFCO. They are for ALL Life Stages. Our original blends are for "Supplemental or Intermittent use, meaning to use them in rotation with the other recipes.  



Can I mix this with kibble?

Simply put, yes. It can be mixed with kibble.  Check out Mixing Kibble with Raw. It has all the info you need! 


Will feeding raw make my dog mean?

NOPE! This is the great myth of that many have heard over the years. In fact, it's the opposite! Over the years many customers (ours and other raw companies) are told the dogs wag those tails and smile more. Check out Goku's Journey Our boy is living proof is doesn't turn them blood thirsty!


I have a *insert breed name here*, can he/she eat this?

YUP! Our food is great for ALL BREEDS.


Can my puppy eat this?

Absolutely! We have had 6-week-old puppies eating this, up to 16year old dogs eating this. Healthy food doesn't discriminate ;) Using a mix of our Complete and Balanced recipes are ideal for puppies.


Can my senior dog eat this?

Not only can they eat this food, they will THRIVE and become a puppy again. 


How long is it good for once opened?

5-7 days in the fridge! Unopened in the freezer, around 10 months up to 1 year.


My dog has a sensitive stomach, will this be ok to feed?

Of course! Raw foods are much easier to digest. We suggest sticking to the leaner proteins such as Goku's Delicious Duck, Sadie's Savory Chicken, and incorporating our fresh Raw Kefir. You can slowly incorporate this into their diet or go cold turkey! Check out First Timers on how to transition. 


Where do you source your ingredients from?

 We are currently working with R-C Ranch and a small processor who works with local farms for all beef, and pork ingredients. Winter Family Farms provides us with amazing organic kale, swiss chard, parsley, cilantro, carrots, arugula, and spinach. All other organic produce and fruits comes from H-E-B Organics.  We are working diligently finding farms in Texas to supply our fruits, vegetables and proteins. Currently, our chicken and duck come from a small supplier in Houston. They help service local H-E-Bs and Krogers, and restaurants all over Houston. All meats are human grade. We are working towards sourcing ALL proteins, vegetables, and fruits from local farms! 


Can you ship?

Sure can! With our Eco-Friendly packaging, and some dry ice, we can ship just about anywhere in the US! Most shipments are sent out on Mondays, and within Texas on Tuesdays. We have a minimum of 15 pounds for all Frozen items. Treats and chews have no minimum!

Don't forget, our boxes, and insulation are recyclable!  

Please note: Sadie's Select is NOT liable for damaged/lost/stolen orders. We do not offer refunds for shipping. We will work with you to get a refund from UPS if they are responsible for a lost/damaged order. 


How long does it take for our order to ship/Ready for Pick up?

As long as we have what you need stocked in inventory, shipments get sent out on Mondays, and Pick-Up Orders can be picked up same day.  However, we do have a 7-14 business day window to allow for production. 


Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes! Are subscription options a customizable to your liking. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions. All subscriptions have a 10% discount!


I see you offer discounts, how do i get one?

We offer discounts for all emergency responders (police, EMT, nurses, Firefighters), Active military, veterans, dog rescues, and for consistent customers with large orders. We need a picture of your affiliation, and we will email/text you the correct discount code.   Signing up for our newsletter offers 15% off your FIRST order as well.  


I want a refund!

Sorry, at this time we do not issue refunds. If it was picked up from us, once the products have left our sight, we DO NOT accept returns or exchanges. If you package was damaged VIA UPS, we will replace the order. Please note we need at least 3 pictures of ALL damages as soon as the package is in your possession. A new package or refund will NOT be sent unless we have these images.