Why we started Sadie's Select


We went to the local pet shop and bought some high dollar food. I noticed after sometime of feeding her the food, she lost a lot of fur and had bad skin reactions. During the first year we tried a few different "high quality" brands and none of them helped with her conditions.

    We immediately began researching healthier alternatives. The raw food diet was one of the options, so we consulted our amazing veterinarian about feeding her this new diet. After a quick discussion with the vet we immediately went to the grocery store to begin her new, healthy lifestyle.

   Fast forward 2 years, 2 more dogs, and a lovely girlfriend, we were all sitting down watching a documentary on the dog food industry. All 5 of us were horrified to learn about the 3D and 4D meats, chemicals, and fillers that a lot of the brands use. That night we knew something had to be done. Not only our fur babies needed quality food, the whole dog community needed it too and so Sadie's Select was started!



If you're like me, and want that healthy alternative-

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