First Timers/ Transitioning to Raw


Have no fear, feeding raw pet food is simple here!

Continued.   We recommend fasting (no feeding) smaller dogs (under 30 pounds) for at least a half day, this includes no treats, and providing plenty of water throughout the day. For big dogs (30+ pounds) fasting for a full day is ideal. We know this will be a tough day, but look past those puppy eyes and feed at the next meal time, or following morning .  


Stick to ONE protein until their stool (poop) is firm. Sadie's Savory Chicken or Goku's Delicious Duck are great starting proteins! Slowly introduce the next protein once the stool is firm. Continue this until they're eating all recipes!  The key to a successful and balanced raw pet food diet, is offering a variety of foods to eat. Once your dog is fully transitioned, we recommend feeding different meals throughout the month. Each meal provides different benefits and different taste. Variety is key for a healthy and balanced raw diet. 


If you are wanting a slower transition, add a tablespoon of raw into their brown pellets, and take a tablespoon of pellets outs. After 2 days add in 2 tablespoons of raw and remove 2 tablespoons of pellets. Continue this until your dog is eating fully raw meals. Over the years we have found a majority of the pets who are transitioned this way tend to have lose poops longer than a fast transition. If you are using this method PLEASE let us know how your dog does. We love feedback so we can update this section, and keep new customers informed.


If you have a picky eater you can, 


  • warm the meal in the microwave for a few seconds, be sure to mix the food up so temperature is mixed thoroughly - DO NOT FEED HOT   
  • give a quick sear on the stove
  • scramble some eggs up and mix it in
  • use a beneficial meal topper like our Raw Kefir
  • Tough Love- if your dog is refusing to eat, place the bowl back in the fridge after a few minutes of offering. DO NOT give another meal until the refused meal is eaten. This can be a frustrating time, but with a little stubbornness, you will prevail! If you dog has gone more than two days let them eat what they usually eat. And try raw again afterward. 


PLEASE NOTE: when changing your dogs diet to any new food including Sadie's Select, your pet has to acclimate to their new healthy lifestyle. Once fully acclimated to their new delicious food, you and your precious pup will love the difference. 


What to possibly Expect during the detox period


  • slimy  poops
  • itching
  • excessive shedding
  • slightly loose poops


These symptoms should subside within a week or two. They are normal signs your dog is healing from within. Please call/text/email us with any concerns. 


Always remember to practice proper food safety, wash your pets bowl thoroughly after every feeding. If any food falls on the floor and it isn't licked up, clean the area with disinfecting product.