Feeding Puppies

Researching can be a hassle. We'll make it simple!

Let's begin!

When researching online, you will come across hundreds, if not thousands of site with how to feed puppies. Most times it's a LOOOOOOONG draw out novel, not here! 


We always  tell our new customers puppies NEED complete and balanced meals. Puppies under 8 months old can start off with all of our Complete and Balanced options, the more variety the better! Over 8 months we would recommend starting with Chicken or Duck. Once they are acclimated to the foods, you can incorporate all of grinds! Once they hit a year you can incorporate all of our recipes! 


Use the calculator below to figure out how much your puppy will need to eat. Please keep in mind every month you will need to check back with their new weight and age. Once they hit a year old, you can use the "Backyard Runner" option, which is great for weight maintenance


<iframe src="https://app.calconic.com/api/embed/calculator/5b68f7c3a29f0a001ba8d5b6" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-forms allow-scripts allow-top-navigation allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox allow-popups" title="Calconic_ Calculator" name="Calconic_ Calculator" height="410px" scrolling="no" style="width: 100%; border: 0; outline: none;"></iframe>
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