Goku's Journey


       Hi, I'm Goku. This page is dedicated to showing my transition from kibble to raw dog food. From the day before I start, to the first full year! Unlike my sister Sadie, I started my diet on March 15th, 2018. I am about 3 years old and weigh 58lbs. Before we see my transition, here is my story. 

   In 2016 I was living in San Antonio, Texas with some bad people. I was chained to a tree, fed only a few times a week, and was being used as a fighting dog. I had scars all over my head and around my body. I lived liked this for the first 11 months of my life. Until one day the property manager told those people to give me to a better home, or get evicted. That's when my life started getting better.

     My first mom fell in love with me at first sight. I lived with her for a month until I met her other dog. I was a bad boy and picked a fight with him. She posted my story on social media where she is friends with my dad. He immediately said that his home is willing and ready to take me in. Knowing how good he is with Sadie, she agreed to let me move there. The first few months were a bit rocky between my sister and I, but with some tough love and patience, my dad taught me that other dogs are my friends. Now the park and playing is all I look forward to.


A little while after living with my dad he met a beautiful woman. But unfortunately she has to live on Benadryl to hang out with me. Bummer. My anal glands leak, my fur apparently felt like needles, I shed like crazy, I have a terrible stink, same day I shower the smell is still there, I poop 3-4 times a day, and my dandruff is pretty rough. 


They started dating, so she's pretty much my new mama. Once they moved in together I was pretty much getting weekly showers. Definitely not a happy camper in there. At least it cut down her Benadryl consumption.  



Update: March 15th, 2019-  Its been a full year since I started eating raw. I'm down three pounds, my mom stopped taking Benadryl to be around me, my anal glands don't fill up any more, I shed less, my color is brighter, my fur is Velvet, my muscles are toned like the athlete I am, no more "Fritos" stink, poops are smaller, no more drinking 4-5 gallons a week, down to 1ish. I'm sexier than ever, and stealing your women one pet at a time #MrStealYoGirl.

Catch me modeling on my Instagram page-  Goku_MrSteal_YoGirl


September 17th, 2020-  Goku is still THRIVING on raw food. Unlike the old folk lore, he did not become vicious. But he is becoming more of a determined lap dog. He makes sure wherever his mama is, he's molding to her. His modeling career hasn't taken off yet, but maybe one day it will. 

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Goku getting ready to eat his FIRST RAW MEAL!! - 3/15/2018